Privacy & Safety

We value privacy and security to the highest possible degree. No private information or data is stored by The Wizard Factory.

Monetary Transactions

All financial transactions are conducted off-site and directly. All products and services on the website are equipped with buttons which will prompt the appropriate actions required to make a purchase. 

You will send us a message, which includes all products and services you wish to purchase, and we will respond with an invoice including the total amount owed, and payment instructions for you to complete your purchase.

Once payment is received in full, you will receive your items.

Return Policy

ALL purchases for Digital Download Products and Personal Consultations ARE FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Merchandise products can be exchanged for another size at the buyer's shipping expense. NO returns or exchanges for a different product.

Payment Methods

- PayPal

- Bitcoin

Customer Care

Student and customer  satisfaction and assistance is our highest priority. Please feel free to contact us with questions if you require more information about any of our products, services, or any other type of inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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