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  • What is The Wizard Factory?
    The Wizard Factory is a multi-faceted self-empowerment platform. Our primary purpose is to share with others the vital knowledge and actionable solutions essential for catalyzing the holistic evolution of the individual, so as to create a collective state of elevated consciousness, freedom, & prosperity for all. It is our mission to Re-Member the Human Tribe, and to Empower, Inspire, and Encourage those on the path of the spiritual warrior. Our method is a synthesis of sacred ancestral knowledge, and modern epistemology, built on the timeless foundational principles of harmonic autonomy, morality, and cosmic law, and spanning the topics of spirituality, healing, science, psychology, ancient traditions, occult teachings, & spiritual warfare. The majority of our knowledge is freely shared within our free weekly video podcast. For those who want to dive deeper, or work with us personally, we also offer personal consultation services, and premium video courses. ​ So explore this space, and join us on this journey of unlocking humanity's full potential. Be Empowered, Inspired, and Encouraged.
  • What are your most popular products?
    Our most popular free content is our podcast. Our most popular services are the Reflections Consultation Package, and the various Vedic Astrology consultations offered by Bryan Easterday. Our most popular products are our Rune Divination Course, and Vedic Astrology Course. And of course, our new and rapidly-growing Patreon community. This the best way to become a part of our community, receive the highest caliber of content and guidance, and support our mission.
  • Where can I learn more about the runes?
    You can learn the basics of the Elder Futhark by watching our series on our podcast. We also offer a Nine World Rune Divination Reading, as well as our popular Rune Divination Course
  • Where can I learn more about astrology?
    You can learn the foundations of astrology with our Vedic Astrology Course. For a more in-depth route, you can watch through our exclusive astrology series, available only at the Tribe tier of our Patreon.
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