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Hello friends, and welcome to The Wizard! Please watch our welcome video first.


It is our mission to Re-Member the Human Tribe, and to Empower, Inspire, and Encourage those on the path of the spiritual warrior.


The Wizard Factory is a multi-faceted collaboration project. Our primary purpose is to share with others the vital knowledge and actionable solutions essential for empowerment of the individual, in order to create a collective state of elevated consciousness, freedom, & prosperity for all.

Our method is a synthesis of sacred ancestral knowledge, and new spiritual understandings, built on the foundational principles of sovereignty, morality, and cosmic law, and spanning the topics of spirituality, healing, science, psychology, ancient traditions, occult teachings, & dispelling mind control.


The majority of our knowledge is freely shared within our free weekly video podcast.


For those who want to dive deeper, or work with us personally, we also offer personal consultation services, and premium video courses.

So explore this space, and join us on this journey of unlocking humanity's full potential.

Be Empowered, Inspired, and Encouraged.



     Logan Hart is a passionate content creator,  public speaker, musician, singer/songwriter, producer, podcaster, voice actor, coach and entrepreneur.


He is highly motivated and inspired by working with people, educating and assisting others with fundamental & empowering knowledge about the cosmic and mental laws of reality, and collaborating with other visionaries to bring powerful creations of truth, beauty and freedom into the world.

He is also the creator of

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     Bryan Easterday is a Vedic astrologer, content creator, Rune practitioner, and student of European paganism.

He is a student and teacher in the Arts and Sciences of self-transformation. Utilizing tools such as astrology, runes, personalized ritual, and more, he is passionate about helping others come to know themselves in order to live a fulfilled and empowered life.

He is also the creator of the Mastering Midgard YouTube channel.

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“The services offered by The Wizard Factory have helped me so much. Logan and Bryan have helped me find my path.”

-Jordan S

-Seth M.

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