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Practical Magic Courses

We offer several premium video courses to our students, in order to facilitate you on your journey of self-discovery and true path alignment.

These courses are not a magic pill. You must sacrifice, you must apply the knowledge, you must do the inner and outer work, and you alone will be responsible for your triumphs as well as your failures. These products are an offering of practical tools and balanced perspective for you to apply in your own life.

This "Practical Magic" Course series is all about techniques and methods you can use in your daily spiritual practice. Ritual, energy & breathwork, runes, and more.

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Rune Course
Rune Divination Banner.jpg
Phoenix Package
Phoenix Package 16-9.png
Initiation Package


- An exclusive three part video series, "The Toolbox", teaching you four real-world magical tools which you can put into practice RIGHT NOW

- Access to The Inner Sanctum closed Facebook group

- Custom Wizard Factory wallpaper collection for desktop and mobile devices

- Digital download, run time 34 minutes


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